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Frequently asked Questions
What should I expect from my booking?

If this is the first time you’ve ever had a massage, then please let me know. In general you should enjoy the experience and feel totally relaxed by end.
At YHOB I don’t do generic massage. Each massage is unique and tailored to each client; not just a set routine. During consultation prior to your treatment, questions are asked to ensure you receive the massage you want, not the one just given to you.

What should I wear?

Generally underwear with no bra, though you should feel comfortable at all times so what you wear is up to you. It is also advised that jewelry is removed (such as earrings, necklace and watches) for comfort during your massage.

What products are used?

Natural products where at all possible. Australian clay for facials and pure essential oils from reputable sources to create a beautiful blend of massage oils. All other products chosen are based on being suitable for sensative skin.

How do I make an appointment?

Simply call 0458 771 477 book online or  e-mai l for an appointment. The more notice you give, the better chances you have getting the appointment best suited to you.

Can I organise a gift certificate?

Absolutely, what better gift can you give?! Certificates are created for each individual and can be sent via email or post; to the gift giver to present or to the receiver directly. Gift certificates can also be added to upon booking! 

Can I decide what is in the packages?

Most definately. Please let me know what you want from the menu items and I will do my best to fit it all in within the time frame. Massage time is the time left over from the treatments wanted.
The primary aim is to give you the treatment you want! Just give me a call, message or email and we can discuss what you want to create your perfect package!

Will I be covered during the treatment?

Yes, respect for your privacy is paramount during all massage and treatments. At all times a sheet will drape you and only uncover that part of your body being worked on at that time.
During consultation, prior to the treatment, you give consent as to which parts of your body to be massaged.

If the pressure is too hard or too soft during the treatment, can I let the therapist know?

Yes please!!! I do check with you during the massage that the pressure is firm enough however, if at any stage you would like the pressure changed or you are uncomfortable for any reason; please let me know so I can adjust things to suit. The last thing I would want is for you to remain quiet and not enjoy the massage to the full extent.

What about any health issues?

If there is anything regarding your health that you think I should know about then please tell me. You should let me know about things like high blood pressure, allergies, physical ailments, surgery or pregnancy.
In the first trimester of pregnancy massage is contra-indicated, but wonderful and soothing in the second and third trimesters once the pregnancy is settled. Essential oils are not used, only frangrant oils.

How long will my appointment go for?

I aim start and finish on time for both of our benefits. A one hour massage session will consist of a brief set up and consultation with a minimum of 55 minutes spent on treatments. The treatment time includes all day spa treatments such as foot bath, manicure, pedicure massage, facials, and exfoliation.

Hens Parties And Girls Weekend Organisation

I am happy to do all the organisation of your pampering if you like. It can be a lot to arrange what everyone wants, so why not relax and leave it in my hands to do all the chasing. Just make the initial call or email and if you like, I can contact everyone directly.

Why don’t you accept cash payment?

This is weird right? Most businesses love it if you pay in cash and sometimes give you a discount if you do but, because I am purely a mobile service prepaying is for my safety and also confirms your booking is secure.
I have had a number of clients who booked then didn’t show for their confirmed treatments. I had taken the time to get ready and drive to the booking; often knocking back other work; only to have the booking not go ahead.
Instead payment by Visa, Mastercard or by direct deposit is taken. Thanks for your understanding.

Can I cancel an appointment?

It is understandable that sometimes things need to change. YHOB cancellation policy is that if more than 24 hours notice is given then a full refund in the form of a gift certificate for the full amount will be forwarded to you that day.
If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice a cancellation fee of $50 will apply for each massage booked. The balance will be refunded to you in the form of a gift certificate.
Any no shows or cancellations with less than 4 hours notice will not receive any refund. YHOB does require that you have a phone number to contact you on, on the day, to confirm room numbers or other information.
I do not take tentative bookings…all bookings need to be confirmed by full payment for your treatment.
All gift certificates are subject to availability. 
Gift cards are not refundable or redeemable for cash.
No credit or change will be given for any unused portion of the gift card.
The gift card is fully transferable. YHOB is not responsible for any fraudulent or stolen gift cards. It is the holders responsibility to ensure the safe keeping of the gift card. Expired vouchers are non refundable, in part or in whole.

Parking And Travel Fees

Bookings outside of Brisbane may incur extra fees. Please ask, a travel fee may apply. Similarly, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that there is parking available at the location where the massage will take place. Should parking need to pay for, these charges will be passed onto the client and will be automatically charged to your credit card at the time of booking. Some hotels offer free guest parking, should this be the case with your booking, no parking fees will apply.

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